Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing

Do NOT go throwing money at Pay Per Click advertising just to get to the top of the search engines. You need to remember that companies will make a fortune off you through these services. Before Pay Per Click you absolutley MUST get your website in order. Be very careful of Search Engine Optimisation companies, often they will charge you over £1,500 a month with a promise to review your situation after 6 months. Again, first you MUST get your website in order.

The decision to market your website on the Internet must be carefully considered. Businesses can mistakenly waste money trying to get to the top of Google by trying to get in on the obvious search term e.g. "beds". Have you any idea how many thousands of businesses worldwide had exactly the same idea?! Many SEO & SEM agencies will happily spend your cash trying to claw you to the top of a pile that you will never conquer without the budget of a multinational monster. There are, however, some very, very clever ways to get you lots more customers that still involve SEO & SEM but a cheaper and more considered approach. We know how to do it - it is called our Website Weight Gain Program™

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